In every aspect of our offerings, we exhibit that people are the engine for driving and sustaining change. Experience has shown that Lean Six Sigma experts are pivotal; however, without people to support and adopt new practices and behaviors, the transformation will not be successful. Our value proposition is our ability to quickly assess your business problem, engage your team, take calculated risks, and motivate the team to accomplish better work products.


Recipient of Delphi’s Lean
Supplier Development Award

The Lean Coach Inc - Proud Achievements

Led team to win Industry
Week Best Plant Award

Delivered more than
200 kaizen workshops
in manufacturing facilities
around the world

Coached over 100 LEADERS
with our program

Led historic distribution
re-franchisement effort;
the LARGEST in a consumer
packaged goods company.

Led organizations to achieve
significant lead-time
reduction and over
$100 MILLION in
productivity savings

Trained over 3000 people
in lean and six sigma

The Lean Coach Inc - Proud Achievements


Crystal, you have always been able to listen intently, and to get to the fundamental root cause of any situation. Your humanity, how you value people gives you the ability to create breakthroughs everyday. I saw this in your 20 years ago in Mexico. I’m happy to see that you are still using your platform to continue to achieve extraordinary excellence in everything you do. Keep teaching! “

-Founder and CEO