Mastering Your Mind: A Key to Achieving Success

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry

I believe that mindset plays a critical role in everything that we do. As a coach and consultant, I work really hard at mastering my mind so that I can offer the very best to my clients. It is so easy to get distracted by the many challenges of being a business owner, and from the many demands of family and other commitments. I want to share a couple tips that have helped me.

First, you must seek clarity – GET CLEAR.

During a coaching session, I was complaining that I was struggling to focus and had so many programs I needed to complete, when my coach shared that, ‘a confused mind does not take action’. That hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew that I needed to get clear about what I wanted to accomplish (vision) and the outcome (result). Once I could clearly answer what I envisioned and the outcome I wanted to deliver, I was able to have laser focus.

Another step to getting clear includes protecting your mindset. I had to learn and am stilling learning how to quiet a very dear friend, LITTLE ME. She is counterproductive, incites fears and doubts, and leads to a high degree of procrastination. Therefore now, I practice these five very simple, but highly effective steps.

  • Renew and affirm your mind daily: take about 15 minutes to get centered and affirm your success
  • Discover and stay connected to Your Why
  • Be flexible to shift goals: Little ME would really beat me up for not achieving goals and would challenge me to stick to my set goals. I had to learn that in new territory, goals need to ebb and flow as circumstances shift.
  • Commit to small steps everyday
  • Celebrate small successes

Second is to seek out strong SUPPORT systems.

I believe masterminding is the most effective practice. The Mastermind Principle, introduced by Napoleon Hill, consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective. While I have a great circle of family and friends who support, encourage and cheer me on, their knowledge about the challenges I’m experiencing is very limited. Mastermind groups offer a safe yet challenging environment to give and receive. You are among like-minded people working in harmony for the common objective of everyone succeeding. The results are unparalleled. Plus, you are part of a community of accountability partners and trusted advisors.

Here’s a quick story of the difference. I had been struggling to gain clarity about my branding and messaging because my technical language was making it very difficult to get to the next step with prospective clients. In one mastermind session with people that do not work in my field, I was able to craft a brand message using language the masses can understand to explain my value. Now I referenced my family and friends of supporters, but they could not help me in this regard because quite frankly most of them don’t understand what I do. How funny is that, but they are my biggest cheerleaders and for that I am truly grateful.

Stay tuned for more on masterminding. In my next blog, I will discuss keys to effective mastermind groups. Also, I will be announcing some exciting upcoming mastermind groups that I will be launching.

Until next time, keep turning your dreams into reality.

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Crystal Y. Davis, Sustainable Solutions Strategist

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