Lean Works – Your Approach May Not

I saw a blog post with the title, “Why doesn’t Lean work?”. The title infuriated me so much, I thought I’d share. (I can’t explain why it touched me so. I am normally the one to initiate these controversial conversations.) I’m certain these sentiments were covered in the blog post. I’ll admit, I didn’t read it because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

Lean thinking has been around longer than I’ve been living. Don’t expect me to divulge my age, however, I will share that I have over twenty years of professional experience. The principles are applicable in any industry, service or sector; any culture, country, or continent; low volume, high mix, high volume, high mix, manufacturing and functional silos. Notice I didn’t confine lean to manufacturing.

With that said, Lean works, there are far too many success stories of sustainable cultural changes, improvement results, and key business metrics performance, i.e. EBITDA, Cash Flow, Revenue. So the question in my opinion isn’t ‘Why Doesn’t Lean Work?’, but rather what in your process approach or strategy to implementing Lean Thinking, transforming your culture, and strategically aligning a lean business system to the top level company objectives isn’t working well.

Let me hear from you!

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