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How Lean Six Sigma Can Help Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic

At the time of this writing, COVID-19 is a global pandemic. This is an incredibly serious issue; hundreds of thousands of people have become ill, and many have died. Containment in the US and elsewhere is bringing businesses, governments, cities, and normal life to a halt.

But there are many businesses that have to figure out how to keep operating. This isn’t simply a time to think about continuous improvement, but rather for us to ask ourselves, “How can we show up and serve as problem solvers during this crisis?”

Practitioners are working to shift their paradigms as well as their approach to leadership. You might be thinking, “Is this really important?” The “wicked problem” of the day is COVID-19. We have a responsibility to show up as agents of change in our organizations. We need to be mindful and sensitive to all that’s going on. However, we still need to make sure that each business is sustainable.

Supply chains, hospitals, healthcare professionals, senior living spaces, grocery chains, and other essential service organizations are under immense pressure. The people working in organizations are equally concerned about themselves and their families.

In times like these, leadership matters. Process or Gemba Walks, Daily Huddles, and Daily Kaizen (Rapid Improvement Events) are critical now. It is important to focus on how work must change given this crisis. We can be the facilitators of rational and effective solutions. We can be the ones who support leaders by coaching them to inspire and motivate others.

During this time, even if people work remotely, we can identify ways to keep them engaged. This helps keep their minds focused forward to provide a reprieve from the chaos, misinformation, fear, and confusion all around us.

Every day we’re getting new information from the government about required changes. This impacts families and causes concerns about childcare, elderly care, and their financial situations. Let’s provide meaningful opportunities for them to help resolve issues and be certain that they’re contributing to greater social calls.

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May 10, 2020

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