Frustrated Leaders

John Maxwell, a world renowned leadership guru, says that “leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” I found myself last week offering this coaching advice to two people in leadership; one in an organization and one in industry.

When we find ourselves responsible for an initiative, a project, or achieving a target goal, it can become very frustrating for a leader when the team isn’t performing. Of course, one must resist the urge to takeover, or simply give direction. It is important to remember that very seldom can we do it alone. A leader’s strategy at all times has be centered on the team of resources required to accomplish the task, i.e. the people. A clear plan to achieve buy-in, to motivate, to stay focused on the vision, goals, and objectives, is essential for a winning team and critical for developing people to become leaders.

We’ve heard it said in many situations, that people are the greatest asset. However, leading and managing people is very complicated. Nevertheless, when it comes to influencing people to achieve the goal or vision, it is important to understand not only what talents and strengths each member possesses, but their motivation. Do you know why people follow you?

In John’s book, The 5 Levels of Leadership, he presents techniques for leaders at any level and in any organization to move people from position to pinnacle. What level leader are you? Do the members of your team comply simply because you’re the boss? Have you observed a difference in the performance of team members in which you have a relationship verse those you don’t? Do people follow you because you have a track record of success? Perhaps, you’re the kind of leader that seeks to add value to people, creating a huge following. Or do people follow you simply because you are who you are?



Whether coaching little league, leading a group at church, leading a team of engineers, or a billion dollar empire, we should all be striving to become pinnacle leaders. Mastermind groups are a great way to increase your skills, in a group of like-minded individuals on a path to becoming better. A Mastermind typically runs over the course of a few weeks with short training sessions and interactive discussions. Is it time for you or your team to hone your leadership skills?

If you would be interested in a mastermind group on The 5 Levels of Leadership, contact TLC. Let me hear from you! The world needs great leaders.

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