Find Your Joy

On Sunday, I was watching an old movie, The Bucket List. The Bucket List is a 2007 American comedy-drama film starring Jack Nicholson (Edward) and Morgan Freeman (Carter). I’ve seen this movie several times, but I always focused on the list of things they wanted to accomplish and places they wanted to visit before death. As I watched the movie, I was amazed and inspired by the fabulous places they visited on their journey. However, this time, I discovered a golden nugget.

Edward and Carter met in the hospital as they shared a room and were both diagnosed terminal from cancer. Edward had not had a relationship with his daughter for years, while Carter had an estranged relationship with his wife. After seeing the world together, Carter realized how much his wife and family meant to him. He then tried to encourage Edward to repair his relationship with his daughter, but he was afraid and refused. Carter wrote him a letter that he had asked his wife to give Edward after he died, yet his wife gave Edward the letter just as Carter was preparing for a risky surgery. He encouraged Edward to find his joy before it was too late. It was at that point, realizing his closest friend might not survive, that he decided to tackle his fear by visiting his daughter.The nugget is that your joy could be on the other side of fear.

I am a taskmaster, which means completing the list was the focal point. At the end of the movie, I would always remind myself that life is short and not to wait until something negative happened to explore my bucket list and live my dream.

As I coach people, encouraging them to take that next small step towards a goal, I often reference quotes and clichés. One, I reference often is a quote from Joyce Myer, “Do it Afraid”. Again, the focus was on taking action and not on the joy of overcoming. The ephipany I experienced from the movie resonated with me and therefore, I want to pay it forward.

  • Are you stuck?
  • Not living your true purpose?
  • Not living a fulfilled life?
  • Not living your dream?

My hope is that this short story, from a great movie, inspires you to Find Your Joy in Life. If you are ready to PUT YOUR DREAM to the TEST, email me at Let’s get you started on a plan and path to answer yes to all of these questions.

Share this blog with your close friends and family to encourage them to Find Their Joy in Life. Crystal Davis is a certified John Maxwell Group Coach, Speaker and Trainer.

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