Discover Your Gift

Last week, I encouraged you to Be Bold. This week, I’d like for you to really hone in on discovering and using your gift. One might think that I should have started here in the series of blog that I’m working on to really encourage leadership. However, I started with being bold and asking for what you want, because I wanted to ignite a spark in your life, and for you to think about possibilities. Speaking of possibilities, how many people gathered the courage to ask for what you wanted? Post in the comments! Your courage could inspire someone else.

So now that a spark has been ignited, it is time to really focus. Time to focus on positioning for what’s next for you. In order to achieve next level success, you need to continue developing. So what is your gift? Post your gift in the comment section!

You might be thinking, well Crystal, what if I don’t know my gift? Do I even have a gift?

I believe that we were all born with a gift. It is highly likely that you’ve not connected with your gift simply because life has gotten in the way. However, you can rediscover your gift by reflecting on what you enjoyed during your childhood, or what is it that everyone comes to you to resolve or depends on you to do. Do people come to you for advice? Ask you to lead service projects? Ask you to bake goods or prepare meals? Do people ask you to help them organize? Take some time to reflect.

Great! So you know your gift. Did you know that your gift was not given to you for you? I believe that it was gifted to you for others. But I also believe that your gift will make room for you. When I think about the very best of the best in music, television, sports, and even in professional fields, their gift made room for them.

Discovering and honing your gift is the most important step that you can take to level up. Your gift, you will find, is also connected to a passion. Imagine, that you are able to do what you love to do and then figure out how to monetize the gift. What?!?! That’s essentially what professional athletes do. I used to think that impossible in the professional corporate world. However, I now know that anything is possible!!!!!!

See, I have this crazy dream…I have always dreamed BIG, but this one is crazy. I have a dream that ever person is able live life to the fullest by sharing their gift to their world. Les Brown says that he wants to “live full and die empty”.

Discover your gift! The world is waiting!

Crystal Davis is a speaker, leadership coach and lean consultant, who helps organizations solve complex problems while developing strong leaders to sustain the solutions.

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