Be Bold and Speak Up!

Happy Monday!!!!

I remember many, many years ago (late 90s), I was complaining to my Dad that I needed a raise, and felt that I more than deserved it. What he said next, blew me away….He said, well, if you feel that you deserve it, then go ask for it and tell them why you deserve. Well damn, just like that. LOL! I was young. But I’ve also come to realize that many women don’t ask, while a lot of men don’t think twice about it.

Are you paid your worth? Have you been going above and beyond? Are you exceeding expectations? (Be honest now) If so, decide today to #BeBold and ask for what you want. Maybe it isn’t more money, but more time off, or a flexible schedule, or more work from home days.

Here’s what you do:

1. Evaluate what you want

2. Prepare your case (a serious business case)

3. Investigate what is possible within your organization (ask HR, review the company policies)

4. ASK!!!!

Be Encouraged and Be Bold

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