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Frustrated Leaders

Leadership is ones ability to influence, build relationships and add value to people. Explore the 5 Levels of Leadership in a mastermind group.

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The Lean Coach, Inc. is a boutique firm of experienced professionals that specialize in Training, Leadership Development and Lean Six Sigma Consulting. This powerful combination will equip your teams in achieving successful performance results, personal growth and collective enthusiasm.

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HR + Lean: A Powerful Pair for People Development

The Lean Coach Inc - HR + Lean + People Development

I recently spoke at Lean Frontier’s Lean Leadership Week Summit, which focused on lean people development and lean accounting. This summit traditionally attracts a lot of HR professionals working in organizations undergoing a lean journey. During a concurrent session, I shared some of the ways that I’ve exercised with clients to engage HR early in the lean people development strategy.

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Discover Your Gift

See, I have this crazy dream…I have always dreamed BIG, but this one is crazy. I have a dream that ever person is able live life to the fullest by sharing their gift to their world.

Discover your gift! The world is waiting!

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Orlando Massacre: How do we solve such complex problems?

I guess my point in all of this is that given the increasing frequency of these types of acts, when will our leaders at all levels put politics aside and just solve the problems in a logical and structured manner leveraging the resources and tools that drive open, honest and transparent conversation instead of agendas to get to the root cause.

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Be Bold and Speak Up!

Decide today to #BeBold and ask for what you want.

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Lead Lean: Leading Beyond the Pundits

I work too damn hard to bottle my emotions up. – Cam Newton (Image credited to ESPN Twitter) In a recent interview with Michael Strahan, Carolina Panther quarterback, Cam Newton, stated “I work too damn hard…too damn hard, for me […]

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When the Lean Leader Desires to Become the Coach – Part II

my objective at the pacemaker was to lead him to solve a problem. As a coach, much of what we do to lead people through discovery is experimental. I had no idea if this would work, but to my surprise what followed was simply beautiful.

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When the Lean Leader Desires to Becomes the Coach

I had been asking my client to stop calling their production reporting morning meetings a gemba walk. Well needless to say, they continued to call them gemba walks until last week. I decided that I would incorporate a team gemba walk during my visits to begin to coach them instead of just with the managers. My objective was for them to learn by doing. A long time ago, I decided that I was not going to be in the business of convincing by discussing theory, and opinions. I thank Mr. Yamada, my sensei for that lesson.

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The Gemba Speaks, If You Listen

Recently on a ‘Gemba’ walk during my first visit to the facility, the managers lamented about the production boards and 5S. I listened! As we moved to the second area, I started asking questions about the process flow, status of […]

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Mastering Your Mind: A Key to Achieving Success

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry I believe that mindset plays a critical role in everything that we do. As a coach and consultant, I work really hard at mastering my mind […]

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Getting Crystal Clear on Who You Are

I had a great time sharing my experience with Sandy Weaver Carmen and June Cline of the Happiness Recipe. They feature a podcast about wit, wisdom and wonderful food. I sat down  with them to discuss my transition from an […]

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