• Training

    TLC’s training approach is straightforward and effective. Learning by doing is the most effective approach to transferring knowledge and lasting understanding. Our training sessions are fun, engaging, hands-on, yet challenging and impactful. We offer training in Lean Six Sigma and leadership.

  • Leadership Development

    Leadership is not about position or title, but rather one’s ability to effectively motivate and influence others. Our unique approach focuses on identifying and developing leaders at every level of the organization. TLC is a passionate advocate of leadership; it is key to success and sustainability in any endeavor. TLC consultants are John Maxwell Team Certified Teachers, Speakers, and Coaches.

  • Consulting

    Our success comes by engaging leaders, building strong advocacy, and creating a passion for continuous improvement. TLC consultants are Lean Six Sigma practitioners with years of expertise applying techniques and managing projects in back office services, functional teams, service, manufacturing, and supply chain industries. TLC consultants are also trained in leadership development and change management.

HR + Lean: A Powerful Pair for People Development

I recently spoke at Lean Frontier’s Lean Leadership Week Summit, which focused on lean people development and lean accounting. This summit traditionally attracts a lot of HR professionals working in organizations undergoing a lean journey. During a concurrent session, I shared some of the ways that I’ve exercised with clients to engage HR early in the lean people development strategy.

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Discover Your Gift

See, I have this crazy dream...I have always dreamed BIG, but this one is crazy. I have a dream that ever person is able live life to the fullest by sharing their gift to their world. Discover your gift! The world is waiting!

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Orlando Massacre: How do we solve such complex problems?

I guess my point in all of this is that given the increasing frequency of these types of acts, when will our leaders at all levels put politics aside and just solve the problems in a logical and structured manner leveraging the resources and tools that drive open, honest and transparent conversation instead of agendas to get to the root cause.

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